Within Streetwear circles the big topic for discussion over recent times has been the supposed death of streetwear the divide between streetwear generations and the validity of generation 2, within the Art world it seems a common topic of discussion of late has been the influential movements created by the likes of Banksy and his peers by using not only politics as a source for inspiration, and as a way to exploit their ever growing media attention, but also the mediums they use outside of the mainstream art world. In an almost replicated era of the late 70’s and early 80’s when graffiti artists in NYC were compelled into the fine art world, this era has seen this phenomenom occur worldwide and to an even larger extent, due to the force of the media, similarly to streetwear in a way. Peter Kennard is a great artist in his own right, and considered by many as the forefather of artists such as Banksy in his style and approach, he’s written a great article here looking at this topic. It’s definately worth a read and an oppurtunity to take away from it your own opinion on the latest phenomenom in the artworld and this movement as a ‘new’ movement.