Dan Colen first appeared in the pages of Vice magazine in many photos by longtime friend and roommate Ryan McGinley. One notorious photograph is called “Dan, Dusted,” which shows a freaked-out, naked, graffiti-covered Dan on a roof at dawn after having smoked angel dust all night. Then we wrote about him again in 2004 in an article about “hamster nests,” a fun little thing that he and fellow artist Dash Snow used to do where they’d go to a hotel room, shred up a ton of telephone books, get superwasted, and, you know, act like hamsters. They recently did a hamster nest installation at Deitch Gallery in New York.

So it only seemed right to have him on for an episode of the new VBS.tv show about artists called, "Art Talk! ".

Art Talk! with Dan Colen

Part 3 airs on www.VBS.tv on Friday December 7.