Kicking off in Seoul Friday, June 24 is an exhibition curated by Dain Oh featuring artists using technology as their main set of tools. Considering how the economy and culture of South Korea has shifted towards design & technology, we expect a lot more D.I.Y. artists going against the mainstream grain here… so we’re hoping to see a lot more of these.

BOYB Seoul (gif by Vakki)

“A moving image is never an object, and when it is coupled with the increased flexibility of portable projection, the realm of experience quickly expands. The individual works will often overlap and sometimes even merge, producing a total environment that is more than the sum of its parts. Ultimately, this loose, free form format will mirror the chaos of the internet. Gallery visitors will stroll in a forest of browser windows much in the same way one browses sites on the web.”

Friday June 24, 2011

@Gallery LVS

“Featuring a generation of artists that grew up behind the screen, BYOB will have an open and dynamic structure that not only allows for spontaneity and experimentation, but also places questions concerning the formalism and engagement of the exhibition directly in the hands in the artists.”

Our friends James Powderly and Takahito Irie will have a piece in the show. We recently caught James in a conversation with Hojun Song, another Seoul based-DIYer, in the new issue of SPECTRUM magazine. Check out the snaps below.