The Australian x Aux Raus x Patta Tracksuit is a tri-collaborative effort by a band, a brand and a curative artist. The tracksuit is limited to 75 sets and will be launched at Patta on May 7th 2010 with an official release event on the same evening in DEP venue.

The Band: The Amsterdam-based duo Aux Raus is made up of singer/beatmaker Bastiaan Bosma and guitarplayer/beatmaker Luuk Bouwman. Aux Raus’ live performances are an high energy experience, a mix of classic punkrock guitar riffage, techno beats and cathy pop tunes.

The Brand: Sportswear brand Australian has it’s roots in Milan, Italy. Under the Gabrielli name, the company produced ski and leisure clothing, but quickly found a niche in the tennis segment. The luxurious sportwear brand became popular on court and eventually made it’s way off court onto the European streets and music scenes and quickly became known as “The Aussie”.

The Curator: As friends and fans of Aux Raus and the 90’s Australian tracksuits, Patta acted as the curator of this project. The Italian-made tracksuit consists of a pair of trackpants and a reversible jacket, both produced from high quality polyester/cotton. The suit features an allover print of Aux Raus’ “The Brick Is In The Air” (TopNotch, 2009) album artwork by Australia-based artist Dylan Martorelli and Marco Sterk.

See up close images of the tracksuit below.