Awdio  is a website with a very fascinating concept in music, literally through their service you can listen to music being played in shops, clubs, bars, fashion hotels, restaurants in real time.

"While online music startups and most labels are trying to figure new rules for their business models, a small UK based startup has found a smart way to answer that question. Nearly all music services are based on providing access to a catalogue of recorded music whether it is on demand (eg: iTunes or Deezer) or on discovery mode (Pandora/ But a big chunk of the quality music is not recorded and is played live is in clubs, fashion hotels, restaurants, shops, DJ festivals and other cool places (i leave aside radio music). This music usually ends up in CD collections because of its quality and uniqueness (think of the Buddha Bar collection, the Cafe del Mar and many more). And this is the music Awdio

Awdio™ revolutionizes the way you listen to music! Real Time Music! What everyone can get now in one weekend is what music addicts would get in a year, touring around world’s best Live music sources… Straight from the sound systems of the most respected clubs, venues, hotels, shops, studios & festivals… from Electronic Music to Hip Hop, from new Jazz scenes to alternative Rock, from Lounge sessions to the most underground Dj sets, wherever you are, whatever you like, Awdio™ provides pure Live music. From San Francisco to Melbourne, New York to Paris, Sao Paulo to Hong Kong, Awdio™ is streaming 24/7 real time music content, from and on worldwide time zones.

Awdio makes exclusive agreement to distribute and stream it live in real time after sourcing some of the finest live music from the coolest places around the globe. So far 50 hotspots have been added from the likes of Colette in Paris, the 1015 in San Francisco or the Favela in London and many more. They have created a technology that enables any live music source to be streamed over the internet with high quality sound." Via Techcrunch.

An great concept which is sure to get the time of day it deserves as I am sure it will become more popular. Mainly because you can choose the environment/place where you know music that you enjoy is being played which is intuitive. It will be interesting to see where they go with the concept and if make any more additions.

Thanks to Selectism for the heads up.