Here is the new Autumn/Winter collection from London’s B Store.  B Store are a brand who’s approach to fashion I have always admired, yet somehow found their collections never really quite living up to what they could be.  Too fussy to be highly wearable, but not quite directional enough.   However, over the last few seasons the brand really seems to have turned that around and this new collection, whilst not perfect, mostly gets the balance right between contemporary fashion and classic design with a unique take on the heritage look.  It  is clearly inspired by, and designed to be an extension of the popular boat shoe/skinny jean/checked shirt/Barbour jacket/wool hat combo that the majority of twenty something London men seem to be adopting at the moment, hopefully those guys will pick up on this and mix their look up a bit.

The heritage thing is in danger of becoming a bit staid (Tricker’s collaboration anyone?) and whilst some of this range still feels a bit novelty, it is refreshing to see labels trying something a bit different.

Source: HS