For those of us that grew up idolizing Allen Iverson—and there’s an entire generation out there—it was his entire essence that created the draw. There was the way he played the game, the way he carried himself, the way he dressed on and off the court, and plenty more—including his sneakers.

He had character.

The same can be said for these “Snake” Questions, a collaboration between BAIT and Reebok that proves to be a fitting re-imagining of the original, first worn by AI a decade and a half ago. The shoe features a black and white snakeskin print, black patent leather, a white midsole, and more.

These will be available August 10, for $180 (which also includes a BAIT snake tee) at the flagship BAIT store and at a BAIT Iverson Tribute Pop-up shop in Los Angeles. The following day, a limited number will be released online, as well, at