Balabushka Remnants have released a range of denim goods at the honeyee store. It’s definitely not the first time we’ve seen Japanese labels do heritage workwear, often producing goods that are on par if not even better than the original labels. With so many labels put under the spot light at the moment, it seems that Balabushka Remnants have managed to slip under the radar for some time. It’s great that we are now able to see more of the label through honeyee. The release consists of a range of 10z denim goods from their “Noble Savege” Collection, ranging from a boston bag and engineer cap to denim coveralls and overall workjeans. Take a look below. balabushka-remnants-1




balabushka-remnants-bag-2 balabushka-remnants-bag-3

Take a look at the rest of the release at Honeyee or a look at their site here.

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