Celebrated French design duo 123Klan have just released their offical apparel line entitled BANDIT-1$M. Scien and Klor of 123Klan were kind enough to give us here at Slam X Hype a little insight into the concepts behind the first two tee releases:

"The INTERGALACTIK one is the most arrogant tee that we have done ever. Today all the kids dream about fame, money and want to be internationally known, so we’ve decided to go intergalactik. That’s the reason why you can see the Pioneer plaque design under the galactik triangle graphic, to show people how ridiculously small Earth is in the galaxy, and how far over we are from this stupid and cupid street hype fashion scene. We are the “intergalactik protagonists” :)

The second one, GO FOR THE GOLD, is to show people that it ain’t easy to be happy and successful every day. So it’s a daily fight against boredom and stupidity, to always keep it real with the best attitudes which are: honesty, modesty and hard work. That’s the main idea behind that cranky Dino reloading his crossbow while eating a bunch of french fries and smoking a cigarette (because everybody knows, the French love chips and smoking). ‘Go for the gold’ was also the headline for the Munich ‘77 Olympic Games. That’s where it all started :)"

The tees are now available online at the BANDIT-1$M shop, as well as a few stores in Montreal, LA, Boston, NY and Europe. Each design is limited to just 50 pieces each and they’re going fast…