Read the story below by Canoe Inc of the most recent works of Banksy in London’s East End, thought to be in response to the arrival of Shepard Fairey in London, but a symbol of the movement out from within the underground…

"Under cover of broad daylight, scaffolding was erected today and covered by sheets at the end of Pollard Row East London to the side of The Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club (44-46 Pollard Row, E2 6NB) and a security guard was posted to the side of the covered scaffolding.

Inside was the man himself – Banksy, busy spraying and rollering the newest of his art projects, a flower made of double yellow lines and a man having a break to the side, sat on a tin of paint.

Perhaps in reposte to the presence of Shepard Fairey who has an opening show just down the road next week at The Truman Brewery, he chose the area more used to seeing posts by the East End’s own Dave the Chimp who is as iconic as the both of them in his images and satire. Since arriving last week Shepard has been a busy boy on the streets.

Its reported that the side of the building in question had given permission for someone to utilise the space, though they possibly didn’t know it would be Banksy. Tomorrow morning will be a nice surprise for someone. It’s ruined the idea of illegal psots in the night though, perhaps his fame means he no longer posts illegal work…"

Thanks to Canoe Inc for the info and Treuters for the images.