In the past couple years Banksy has been busy spreading his stencil art all around the world in some of the most unexpected locations spanning over several continents, earlier this month we show you guys the biggest art piece he created in London. This week Banksy’s work hits the shores of Hong Kong in the "Banksy robs Hong Kong exhibition" which started this week on the 23rd of April, to have the chance to see such a collection of his work brought together by fabrik-galleries in a public exhibition is an opportunity definitely not to be missed, so if you are in the area the exhibition is free admission and will be running until the 28th at the 4F Pao Gallaries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Wai Chai. For those of you that are not in the area, here are some exclusive Slam X Hype images of Banksy’s work at the event.

Thank to Catriona for the images.