Here a look at a collaboration rich in history with Hiroshi Fujiwara teaming up with Nigo from BAPE. The outcome is very minimal and is perhaps more defined by Hiroshi Fujiwara’s in put to the project. Featuring a ‘Baptism of Bape’ of slogan on the front of a hoodie and tee there is not much detail to talk about. Available from December 5th at Bape Stores in Japan and NOWHERE Hong Kong.



Take a look at this film from the early 90’s, an episode of BUM and hopefully it will give you some understanding of how far back this relationship goes.


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  1. Allan

    Its okay i guess. But BAPE is the Evisu of the noughties… they squandered all their brand equity on over stauration and crap product that pandered to the market, rather than defined it. Who would seriously aspire to own BAPE now other than a teenager or some dumb rapper. They have a real uphill struggle to become a credible brand.