Fashion retailer Beams of Japan have just recently released their new collaboration with Vans and Madsaki. Beams and Vans have been previous collaborators, with the Beams motto of ‘basic and exciting’ making the partnership a natural fit.

The ‘think global act local’ message printed on the toe sums up the ethic behind Madsaki’s life and art. As an NYC bike courier in the ‘90s he came to conceive of himself as a path through which currents of energy and inspiration surge from person to person. The individual becomes a space in which life passes through, along the way wiring together a greater global consciousness.

The shoes  are the obligatory Slip-On and Sk8-Hi. They feature the printed toe bumper, a signed insole and a fun all-over print that ties the shoe to Madsaki’s affinity with fixed-gear culture. Pics via Beam’s Zozo Town store and the Madsaki blog. Check more images here and here.