When we last saw Beautiful Fül the label presented us an Spring/Summer collection that played to the nostalgic motoring with an progressive fashionable flair. For the upcoming Fall/Winter season a clear departure was taken from the story driven collections of the past, as the focuses shifts to the individual pieces themselves. Each piece now has its own story and collectively come together to form one of the highlight collections for the coming months. The collection is also the deepest we have seen from Beautiful Fül as we see a mix of Italian leather offers, as well as shirting from Japan, twill, and denim all produced domestically. Its really promising to see a label take a stand and really reach for glory when it comes to their audience and representation. What Beautiful Fül has managed to produce continues to impress.

2 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Great clothing! Very wearable collection, and cool stuff

     lol the model’s neck tattoo is a little distracting tho

  2. Mark

    Man…where can I get a bike like this one???  Very good design!