To have a clear point of view and sticking to it is rare in this day and age of fly by night trends and tumblrwear. Yet out of their newly minted flagship store in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles Beautiful Fül has remained consistant with their take on Rocker inspired garbs as evident by their latest offerings. This season’s collection centers around a “day in the life” of a 60s rocker as the day brings a new plateau for him to climb a parallel to the brand itself. A collection consisting of well manicured leathers, flannels, quilted basics cloth our hero as he takes a moment to reflect throughout the day. To say this collection is not one of the more consistant and approachable holistically would be a complete understatement. What Alejandro has done with his label each season really speaks to how a true craftsmen takes pride in his craft yet elevating it with each step.  All of the pieces are there to make Beautiful Fül Fall/Winter 2013 one of the better collections this season. The collection is avail able online and at their Flagship Store in LA.