I have been impressed with the design sensibilities of Beautiful Fül since their launch a few years back. This spring’s offers pieces speak to the unique position WWII veterans were in after their return home from war. Many saw their desire for thrill unmet in their everyday lives leading them to form motorcycle clubs beginning the outlaw biker era. How the story is played out throughout the collection is obvious in some pieces such as the lambskin motorcycle jacket as well the classically detailed black leather moto piece. Once you move past the more obvious pieces thats where I think this collection holds its most weight. The Nehru collared silk suits really are the stand out for me from the collection. The collar treatment just gives the right amount of military touch to speak to its influence. Really solid offerings from Beautiful Fül hope this keeps up for the young line.

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  1. Kamon E. West

    Never heard of this brand, but I’m really diggin the pieces. Learn something new everyday. I’ll keep them in my watch list