With the burden of winter upon much of the northern hemisphere we’re beginning to be a welcomed glimpse into the offerings we will be seeing come next spring. Inspired by his upbringing on the westside of Los Angeles, Beautiful Fül label head Alejandro sought to encapsulate much of the style he saw while growing up. As man LA Cholos begun to look for life outside of gang life they looked towards greaser, hot rod and punk subculture; “But when I started getting older i saw that the same guys who were once Cholos were trying to get out of the life, and a lot of them turned to the “Greaser” culture, “Hot Rod” culture, and Punk Rock. It was a strange mixture looking back at it. But for some reason it always worked.” This “strange mixture” is evident in the collection as the attention and understanding of detailing from the LA Cholo subculture blend with car/motorcycle inspired italian leathers for an cohesive and impressive look. Japanese flannel plaids, italian leather hides, silk pants, and cone denim are just some of the impressive materials utilized by Alejandro for Beautiful Fül and has turned in an very personal but more importantly relatable and wearable look.