Issue 02 of The New Order is out early June, which means deadlines are looming and things are getting frantic and exciting. Issue 01 was a huge success, and with every Issue we will continue to grow and develop, if you were impressed with Issue 01, come June you will be astounded. The New Order was founded with no other reason than to create a new world order, to bring about a new face of print media(in more ways than one, some of you might recognize our logo interpretation). Issue 02 will be announced in the coming weeks with some very special additions in order to create something truly collectable. If you haven’t got Issue 01 yet, you’ll need to be quick, pick up a copy at retailers around the world, or here online. Subscribing will also ensure you get your hands on a copy of Issue 02 before anyone else. Here’s a sneak peak behind the scenes of the making of The New Order.



Luke Abiol


Stephen Mann


Zainab Jama

On location in Berlin.

Images from Errolson Hugh and Lena Emery.