Behind the Seen is a group exhibition curated by Michael De Feo running from December 13th, 2007 through January 20th, 2008 at Ad Hoc Art, 49 Bogart Street, Buzzer 22, Unit 1G, Brooklyn, NY 11206.

Assembling a group of well known street artists from around the world, De Feo invited the participants to showcase work they’re not typically recognized for. Behind the Seen includes personal projects, works in different mediums or styles and pieces not necessarily intended for view on the streets. The mediums include paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures by over 30 artists from around the world.

Street artists develop a level of notoriety for their originality, talent and frequency of a style or visual vocabulary.    Like most successful artists, they don’t limit their creative endeavors to what they’re known for.

Behind the Seen goes beyond the familiar to build upon what we already know… providing connections, challenges and insights to other facets of the artist’s oeuvre.

Participating artists include:

Aiko, Blek le Rat, Caleb Neelon, Dan Witz, Don Leicht, Elbow Toe, ELC, Ellis G., Eltono, Flying Fortress, G, Ian Stevenson, Jace, Jean Faucheur, jm rizzi, John Fekner, Judith Supine, Keith Haring, Lady Pink, L’Atlas, Lee Quiñones, Leon Reid, Lister, Logan Hicks, Mark Jenkins, Martha Cooper, Maya Hayuk, Michael De Feo, Momo, Nuria, Peripheral Media Projets, Richard Hambleton, Ripo, Ron English, Shepard Fairey, She Kills He, Skewville, Swoon, Thundercut, Tofer.