We Really Want You
Created by Leo Burnett, Chicago

UK Gay Times’ interesting recruitment campaign:

So we now know the sexy “Uncle Sam” is gay, and Gay Time is selling homosexuality to the straight community. Editor Joseph Galliano asked five ad agencies to help promote the gay cause…

“So I just thought that, if it were true and we were trying to and sell homosexuality, what would it look like? It’s a simple idea really. But the serious point is in highlighting just how ridiculous some of those kinds of attacks are and trying to answer them in a way that’s interesting and creative.”

Go Gay
Created by The King’s Arms Creative, Manchester
There are some scary British female celebrities, but no matter how fucked Amy Winehouse is, I still love her.

Guy Minds Think Alike
Created by Saint@RKCR/Y&R, London
This one won the campaign, but it’s my least favorite.

GA Why
I went gay for a bit when I was reading it.
Created by Iris, London

Anything She Can Do
Great idea, but trust me there are plenty men can’t do, bet you can’t bend like pretzel!
Created by James & Joe, Leeds