I first heard about Griffin some years back in London, immediately impressed by its urban military mix and high standards of quality. Honeyee have announced Griffin have released a new colaboration with outdoor clothing manufacturer Berghaus, a company I also heard about at a similar time, although this being the late 90’s I’m sure I should have already known of them, but at a time in London when Outdoor fleece and the likes of Nike ACG, Northface and the like ruled the streets, it was hard to miss. If you by some chance come to this site to read of what we might predict as upcoming trends, I can almost without fail tell you, the return to this era of high tech and functional clothing will be the a huge part of streetwear over the coming seasons. Ongoing colaborations between the likes of Penfield, Berghaus, the return of Nike to this market in the more fashionable sense as ‘Tech Pack’, the inclusion of ACG technology in footwear, Visvim’s upcoming fleece inspired zip ups and boots.. amongst much more. For now though, read more about Griffin’s high tech pufffa jacket and windbreaker here.

And if you’re in Japan you can buy the items at Honeyee.