Until now Bernhard Willhelm’s collections haven’t been that accessable. We saw the belgian designers 2010 Spring/Summer 2010 collection at last years Paris Mens Fashion Week, but now see it on the virtual shelves of Oki-Ni.

‘Each collection is an experiment involving the question of how I can manage to juggle good and bad taste, or rather what people perceive as bad taste in our society. What I love about fashion is that it is all about overcoming that threshold of embarrassment. There are always some pieces that let you act something out – a feeling, or bad taste, or maybe just a provocative concept. Some of the best ideas come from being bored!’ -Bernhard Willhelm.

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  1. hooverdan

    Haaaaaahahahahaha.Thanks for that at the end of a long week,the best laugh in ages.How long can Oki ni last with the buyer spending thousands on shite like this.