For some reason this list seemed a little easier to put together, that said as I’m about to publish, Im still second guessing myself… I guess you’re never going to get these things 100% right. Again, we tried to focus on brands that made a special impact on 2010, not necessarily our favourite brands as a whole, but our favourite of 2010. Again, there were others near the list, Prada I thought were impressive this past year(surprisingly if anything), Rick Owens and Raf Simons as always, Engineered Garments, Nike NSW, and others like, Barbour, Carhartt, APC, Bleu de Paname, Kitsune, Rag & Bone, Trussardi 1911, Mark McNairy and Aitor Throup¬†did well throughout the year; but here’s what we decided on. No explanations as to why this time around, we’ll let you make up your own mind by voting below, we’d love to hear your comments too.

If you’re interested, my personal picks are Nonnative, The SoloIst and Adam Kimmel.

Damir Doma


Arc’teryx Veilance

White Mountaineering

The SoloIst



Adam Kimmel


Junya Watanabe

Nigel Cabourn

Comme des Garcons


Norse Projects

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9 Responses

    • Adam Bryce

      Good point.. probably through his Moncler Gamme Bleu more than his own brand this year?

  1. Simone O.

    In terms of sheer impact, my finger is pointing to Our Legacy. Mind you, in the spirit of the original post I didn’t vote for my favourite brand (that honour would have gone to Nigel Cabourn) but, rather, to the most dynamic/interesting one from a social/business perspective.

    In that sense, the most interesting thing happened in the medium-price range, not a the top. Our Legacy makes stylish clothes (50% scandinavian minimalism, 50% rugged-alpinist look), in tune with the times and priced competitively. The quality is also very good although, as can be expected, they are not using the really ‘top’ materials.

    Norse Projects does more or less the same thing but, apart from the T-shirts, I think they have been less impressive.

    • Adam Bryce

      Thanks for the great comment Simone. I agree Our Legacy from a business standpoint have made a large impact very much as the leader in that new mid range area, an area which leads the way.! Probably a brand I should have considered for the original list, I guess for some reason I felt that they made a bigger impact on 2009 as thats where they made the most growth, but thats not to say they didnt impact as much on 2010 aswell.

  2. soloists is killing it

    SSDD had such an impact on you guys? ridiculous imo
    & i dont get norse projects beeing on the list too, not that i dont like the brand but compared to what other labels did this year, and beeing way more relevant…

  3. Guest ffs

    Well, can’t quite understand why a brand like Norse is listed, when Garbstore isn’t. Ian Paley and his crew had a great 2010, with som amazing stuff.