Still massive fans of Print, this is the first in our series of 2010 wrap up stories. It’s been a pretty big year for the Magazine industry, the battle between online and print is almost forgotten, and in its place a surge to create something new and big to cement the core elements of print media. There are so many magazines we could have picked from, and we’re sure we’ve missed a few out, i-D for example, its 30th year! and others, but we wanted to talk about who did it big in 2010. This is in no particular order, and we’ve given you the chance to have your say in a poll(see below), as to who your favourite was.

Inventory. 2010 was a big year for Inventory Magazine, the canadian magazine which focusses around modern americana cemented itself as an important player in contemporary culture. As the focus moves away from online and toward their print version, they have continued to grow their distribution and excel at curating their own collaborations. Their much in demand collaborations which have seen them open their own retail store, ensuring that the magazine finds ways to fund its operation outside of just advertising.

032c. Joerg Koch is simply one of, if not, the best editor around. O32c manages to bring the standard of magazines in general up a level, from its immaculate design to its eclectic mix of subjects, but its the magazines ability to ask the right questions and take a story to another level. The magazine never ceases to surprise me with its indepth features and profiles.

Industrie. Industrie Magazine debuted this year, but in only 2 issues its shown the pull of a magazine focussing on the fashion industry itself. Anna Wintour and Marc Jacobs have graced the cover, and its unique look at fashion from the inside out brings an individual flavour to the market, but a view thats in high demand.

Purple Fashion. Often criticised for its clicky feel. Its Purple’s tight knit community which has helped elevate the magazine to one of the most influential in recent times. Zahm and his crew of influencers have become more than the subject of a magazine but a cultural phenomenom. At the end of the day, love him or hate him, theres no denying Zahm is one of the most talented editors and journalists of our time.

Fantastic Man. In a time where we’re beginning to appreciate the finer art of dressing and the sartorial elegance of being a man in this century, Fantastic Man, is a bible of sorts. Immaculate art direction and editing, its own style is in keeping with the lifestyle the magazine portrays. It’s worth mentioning just how big an impact its new sister magazine, The Gentlewoman has this year too!

Pop. New Editor, New Feel, and a host of high profile collaborations and features to top anything on the market. Pop relaunched in 2009, but 2010 really saw it cement itself as a major player, and a genuine collectable periodical, think Murakami’s look at Britney Spears, Richard Prince shooting Abby Lee Kershaw, Damien Hirst decorating a cover and much more. Doesn’t get much bigger than that.

Richardson. Up until 2010 Richardson had been released sparatically, with a long gap betwen A3 and A4. A4 saw a new lease on life for stylist Andrew Richardson’s unique look at Porn. A new online presence, a range of collectable tee’s which had me adorning graphic tee’s for the first time in years, and generally a very bright future. A magazine which was once underground and uber-cool, is about to become hugely influential and uber-cool.

Sang bleu. In an era where you can almost stand out by not having Tattoo’s, Sang Bleu has mixed fashion, art and tattoo’s in a unique way making skin art a luxury item and inspiring a whole new look at fashion and design. The magazine is huge in every way, from its 700 pages to its influence.

Apartamento. We’re all a little voyeuristic when it comes down to it, and whilst street style websites, and even The Selby( did I forget facebook) have given us a look inside peoples fashion sense and homes, Apartamento brings this past-time to a level where it seems high brow and you never once catch yourself thinking “what am I doing?”. Its a look inside the lives of influencers and creatives in an intelligent fashion.

Some/things. Without doubt the most beautiful magazine around today. Some/Things has a cult following like no other, it’s super tight curation and amazing art direction bring fashion, art and culture to the future. If only for the amazing photography of editor Monika Bielskyte, but theres so much more. Some/Things is the leader in a new genre of magazines with collectability and book type mindsets at its heart.

Huge. In typical Japanese fashion, a mix of amazing editorial with clear product information. It’s done in such as a way I don’t feel as though I’m being pushed advertorial or pay for play mentality. The editorial is fantastic, with some of the world’s highest profile photographers and contributors, bringing the perfect mix of Japanese and European/American Fashion.

Vogue Hommes Japan. Its been a pretty massive year for Nicola Formichetti, and its his huge influence which has propelled Vogue Hommes Japan to be one of the leading mens fashion magazines in the world. And we’ll never forget the Lady Gaga AKA. Jo Calderone F/W 2010 cover.

This is our selection in no particular order, we’re keen to get your thoughts.. Post your vote below and we’ll announce the winners next week.

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