“Another amusement park in China?”  The Shanghai Expo could be the last Expo that anyone actually cares about…

Hai Bao- the mascot, chosen from a quarter of a million entries…   a fat and blue version of Gumby?

Sorry I’m not sharing the best side, but I guess you’ve seen the good side elsewhere. This is a very odd banana body suit, worn by not so professional dancers.

This guy is… so fresh so clean clean …

Julian Opie in China? The Chinese Pavilion is an experience, here you would experience the incredible eyesore as the result of lazy linear thinking, inappropriate scale, and artistically irrelevant.

Seems like none of the countries would like to have their flags out to indicate their own pavilions…

Koran Pavilion is the world’s largest nail salon…

Russian Pavilion, it looks like one the sample books I got from my metal supplier.

Finally Thomas Heatherwick’s British Pavilion, it’s the most powerful statement.

I would come twice just to see this building.

It is worth just coming to see how the locals react to it.

They said this is the second best, the Spanish Pavilion by Benedetta Tagliabue.

I am not a hater, I just wish this could be less predictable. We know our country loves to build,  but who and what are we building for? Like the Olympics and the millions of sky-high developments that are built and demolished, can we build to last? How many times you can go through face-lift before you completely loose your face?

Better Think Better Think Twice.