Rapper/ fashion icon Big Boi has a critically acclaimed album entitled Sir Lucious Left Foot:The Son Of Chico Dusty, and continuing with the foot theme, he has now collaborated with Crooks and Castles on a limited edition line of socks. Displaying awesome graphics — like pitbulls — the line will definitely make your feet look better than they currently do.

In honor of the sock release, Big Boi has decided to hold a contest, with 10 winners being hand-selected by the man himself. The prize? A signed pair of Left Foot X Crooks & Castles socks. To participate in the contest, upload a photo of yourself showcasing your favorite sock/shoe combination, go on Instagram and @therealBigBoi with the hashtag #SockUrStyle. The winners will be announced on December 14th at 7pm.  Even if you don’t get selected, the 5 most “liked” photos win a signed pair of socks as well.

Think your sock/shoe game is tight? PROVE IT.

Watch exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from Big Boi’s most recent tour below. Check out more on YouTube.

Big Boi X Crooks and Castles #SOCKURSTYLE Contest