Dutch denim store Tenue de Nîmes and Japan’s oldest jeans brand Big John have teamed up for a limited edition natural indigo denim. The ‘slim-tapered’ collaboration refers to the legendary Big John M1002 from 1967 made from a 14.5 oz jeans fabric. By reducing the dyeing of the Kaihara fabric by 25%, the factory emphasized the traditional bright blue color that is referred to in Japanese as ‘Ruri’.

The color (Lapis lazuli, after a gemstone of intense blue color) is considered one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. The yellow selvage is a tribute to the traditional 1960’s fabric made by Cone Mills.

The duo logo patch is made from heavyweight navy blue leather with the Tenue de Nîmes and Big John logo embossed. The pockets of the jeans are lined with original, blue and white Dutch farmer’s cloth referring to the world renowned ‘Delft’s Blauw’. It also references the early Dutch-Japanese trade relationship.

Every pair of this edition has a replica of a 1st century BC Roman Empire coin from Nîmes as top-button. This limited edition consists of just 24 pairs, all of which have been made in Japan.

The Big John x Tenue de Nîmes Denim are available exclusively at Tenue de Nîmes.