What Thom Browne has done with his Black Fleece collection has been nothing short of amazing. By taking a brand the likes of Brooks Brothers and carving out a niche under its umbrella, which reinvents the brand image itself is a task not easily done, and that much more harder to achieve effortlessly. The Black Fleece label will continue to roll  and we’re given a look into its spring ’11 collection starting with a complete military spec., 100% compliant, military supplier Altama co-branded, desert boot.  This is all coming from Brooks Brothers which is mind boggling to thing about but shows the genius and power of a man of Thom Browne’s caliber. The military look isn’t what’s new here its where this is coming from and how it’s presented. Sometimes the devil is really in the details and this is a classic case of just that. Excited to see much more from the upcoming Brooks Brothers Black Fleece collection.

Thanks to ACL for the preview.