Blackmeans may be a new name to many but the Japanese label has been producing fine leather garments since 2008 as an label focused and influenced by various punk movements throughout history. By taking historically iconic garments and infusing them with “New Tokyo” innovative thinking, Blackmeans has attracted the ears of many foreign onlookers eagerly looking towards the west for inspiration. The label has maintained an strictly homegrown fanbase until now as LN-CC has become retailer to their upcoming Autumn/Winter collection. The collection heavily relies upon the holdover fabrication which has brought the label to the forefront, supremely constructed, highly innovate and progressive leather garments. From cowhide cropped sleeved jackets to seemingly overly embellished, yet brilliant, material paneled sheep’s leather shorts, Blackmeans may very well be situating themselves for a huge impact outside of Japan, an impact we will all feel for sometime.