After featuring the lookbooks and footwear collection from the upcoming seasons from Blanc & Noir we are now able to inform the world of the availability for their current Fall/Winter 2011 collection. With the focused heavily skewed towards seasonally appropriate, funtional, and a well constructed garments, Blanc & Noir has seemingly begun to shift the brands focus from the heritage, americana workwear look to a more contemporary, minimal aesthetic that plays between the worlds of the uber refined and utilitarian. This season we are presented with everything from a vintage woolen peacoat to bi-layer cashmere basics, which are surely to become staples within the closet for seasons to come. Center seams, flannel, wool, and fleece are all at play as the boundary between the luxurious and casual blend allowing the collection to seemingly exist within its own space in the fashion scene today. The collection is currently available at as well as retailer worldwide.