With the winter months upon many of us if you haven’t found the proper footwear you might want to really start giving your current selection a good look. The proper boot can elevate the simplest of  layered ensembles and with so many great choices out there we thought it was the perfect time to highlight one of the better choices out there. Blanc & Noir has offered up some of the finer basic pieces in recent seasons following up the successor of the many other Canadian based brands. For the fall season they have pushed into the footwear market by releasing their take on the classic officer boot. Now look we’ve definitely seen our share of military officer boot inspired pieces for this fall, but that doesn’t take away from the beauty of this new spin. The hand distressed detailing, upturned toe and stained sole really make the boot. These are all characteristic gained by properly breaking in your stock boots, but this is definitely a viable option for those who don’t have the patience, or pain threshold to do so. All in all a great first entry into footwear from the guys up north. The boots are currently available at Four Horsemen.