Having come of the back of retrospective exhibition in Paris legendary Blek Le Rat, the original graff street artist spared some time for an interview with Fecal Face as he is set to open his exhibition entitled ’Art Is Not Peace But War’ at Subliminal Projects Gallery on April 5th.

"Think back to the year 1981, some of us were still pissing ourselves, or not even born. Rick Springfield was singing Jesse’s Girl, Blonde was rapping to Rapture, Regan was doing some acting in the White House and Blek Le Rat was painting the streets of Paris. Unknowingly becoming one of the first pioneer stencil artist of the modern street art movement. Often overlooked by more well known media savvy stencil artists, Blek Le Rat was clearly behind many of the styles we see in the streets today. Although much of Blek’s early work was in the streets of Paris, It was not long before he was traveling the globe and leaving street pieces at every stop, and he still is today. -Manuel Bello"

Check it this great read over at Fecal Face.