Roughly three years ago, Blends came up with the concept of a Made in USA campaign to support the American economy and reintroduce the unparalleled work ethic and craftsmanship of American workers to a new generation.

“At the beginning of this project we visited Redwing headquarters and factories and met many wonderful people. We learned a lot about their lifestyle, how the boots are made, and what the craftsmanship of these boots mean to these people. We learned much about the great history of the company and its tannery. It was truly an amazing experience that we will never forget.”

For this project Tak Kato, Blends creative director, picked the classic 6” Round Toe with the idea to make them more casual. He chose to utilize a suede upper, a concept that has never been used on the 6” boots in the USA before. He used tonal stitches to keep the boots simple and reflect a more casual look. Simplicity and minimalism are a key aspect of Blends design concept. In addition, he added the DNA of the classic Irish Setter sports boots by adding hooks at the top as opposed to eyelets all the way up. Blends set out to create a boot that works well for everybody, something that would match with a variety of styles from Americana to Military, from workwear to biker.

“Redwing is one of the companies that we grew up with and respect as much as anyone in the industry. When we started in this business we never could have imagined doing a project with Redwing. It is one of our greatest achievements to date and we are extremely humbled by the opportunity to work with such a great company and with such great people.”

Blends Redwing boots are going to be released on Dec 10th at all Blends locations.