Bless do things on a completely different level to anyone else, and I can’t get enough of it. Their Spring/Summer 2010 collection is again an extension of the Berlin based brands move into more encompassing apparel collections.


In the Stables of 104 , the Bless presentation will appear as a game of balance between the models. With beginners and the more experienced, forming human pyramids of multiple dimensions, these fragile connections evoking children games and circus exercises. Everything will be dismantled to be remade in a movement, where each person is related to the other, to create an energetic, fluid, and improvised event. This kind of balance and this spirit is at work in the Bless collection spring/Summer 2010. Where elements of clothes, cut and reworked, give birth to surprising pieces, both sportswear and classic, loose and structured.

From a jacket whose top part is formed by the top of a tee-shirt and back. The work of balance goes on. The supple and the light are at play with more rigid elements ; as the collar of a shirt leads to a dress, or a blouse, and so liberating a silhouette at once structured, elegant, and at the same time so cool. Everything is about deconstruction and reconstruction ; the free and personal, always oriented toward a double use of the clothes (bag jacket, bangle bag, towel purse …) always on the move, always in motion.

These pieces are first of all clothes whose function varies following the flow of the day, its activities and mood…and in this fragile balance of functions, it is possible to find the alliance of opposing material. Taking risks with jute, cord, and leather. Ironically, some pieces play to (trick the eye) the trompe l’œil and make fun of this functional balance. (And so we find) (Such is the case for) a skirt being at once a pair of pants, and a pair of ray ban reflecting a fake image. At times the clothes transform into self promotional tools, referencing the stores in Berlin and Paris, or as souvenir of the last collection.

Lastly, you will notice that for the first time, Bless introduces a limited series of customised classics, exploring pieces of past collections. These classics slightly modified incite a mood of create your own Bless collection. Alongside other basics of the old collections produced again to (ground) reassure us, after all, in these new variations of balance.