“The German tittle defines at the precisest, the actual BLESS state of mind. A plea for the here and now, the present time, this very instant and the joy that comes along with being “present”.

As always themeless, stylefree and genderfree, the new items of this season are the S/M/L trousers; a pair of trousers that adapts to one’s eating habits, and is able to grow or shrink according to the daily body size.

Both the Tanksakko and Tankcoat bring typical male dressing elements together with a sporty backside silhouette.

This season’s colours are characterized by numerous light greytones, some caramel tones, some natural linen colour, and as well as a jeans linen. Contrastly, there is a bright violet and dark tones such as dark green and dark red.

Hand knitted pieces are made of a muticoloured linen yarn or black raffia, that give the sporty clothes shape through its consistency and a slight couture twist.

Like last season, a limited amount of special customized one-of-a-kind clothes will be available. This time they are either handprinted, showing scenes of last seasons presentation, as well as several bless pieces zipped together, forming an overall look.

BLESS collaborated this season with the Swedish brand WEEKDAY

The inspiration is drawn from the idea of the perfect weekend trip, the accessories you have fun with and the ones you need to protect yourself from the changing weather. They are highly practical but still fun and fashionable.

BLESS creations are born from a particular need. The need to constantly combine the simplicity and comfort of daily life with a visionary and groundbreaking horizon. The duo’s wide variety of references creates the basis for this unconventional and interesting collection. The multipurpose bag can be turned in to a towel or a blanket for lazy days in the park. At sunset the sunhat can be turned into a comfortable cape. BLESS products can’t be categorized, instead they pass freely from one domain to another, bringing a universe of functional forms and conceptual solutions into being.

A limited number of edible garments, such as scoubidou gummy lace tank tops, knitted liquorice, coke flavoured sweaters and lollipop glasses sweeten up the silhouettes.

Following the desire to modify eating habits, a selection of unique cutlery pieces are shown, all with a detachable jewellery chain ending that can be worn around the wrist while eating.

An elegant way of eating ice cream looks like kissing one’s own hand is possible with the help of the Servering, a ring that holds several small ice cream bowls.

The presentation is a redefinition of co-existance between food and clothing, proposing a variety of food-sharing among friends.

A champagne pyramid is built as a piece of architecture  in the room. A glass wall that seperates, but also connects the guests on one side, and the models serving champagne on the other side. The wall is deconstructed by giving away the champagne glasses.

Another group of models team-up in the bloody mary chain. Starting from a big cupboard where glasses are handed out,  guests can pass by from person to person getting one ingredient after annother to build- and flavour-up their drink.”