Prior to co-found the Parisian brand “Bleu de Paname” Thomas Giorgetti was best known for being the editor in chief of the magazine “SPRAY” with a multitude of hats from consulting for the sneaker and fashion industry, to an influencer.

It was at “Radikal” that Thomas made his debut. He did his internship graduation at the end of which he develops his alter ego “snkr ADKT” which ends on the senior series “Lil ‘Tyler'”, a magazine dedicated to the sneaker culture which was a springboard for his career. With a true passion for hip-hop, graffiti, and the world of sneakers, Thomas has used intelligently his cultural background in his latest adventure, “Bleu de Paname”.

In less than a year, “Bleu de Paname” has built a name in the clothing industry thanks to a marketing and communication focused on the “Made in France”, craftmanship, and know-how.But beyond making clothes, Bleu de Paname develops its own tissues, such as moleskin stamped” Bleu de Paname”, and aspires to one day develop a denim 100% French in order to cope with the hegemony of Japanese selvage.

In addition to this great interview compiled by Le Visionnare, there is also news of a project between Comme des Garcons and Bleu de Paname.

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