Booby Trap which opened on January 24 at the Project Room at London’s Leonard Street Gallery featuring some of the fineest work from street artist BAST and Judith Supine.

"BAST’s pieces for the show, including puzzled smurfs with ridiculously elongated genitalia and large glittery bottles of Chanel surrounded by dildos, convey a gritty interpretation of an America obsessed with the consumption of porn and the continued commoditization of fantasy. Supine’s garish and neon collages set a similar tone. His reconstructions of found images and text transform super models into ghouls with oversized lips and slightly off kilter eyes, subverting accepted norms of beauty. The combination of works by these artists sets a mood that’s eerily intimate as distills the alienation of modernity and consumer culture. Visit The Leonard Street Gallery’s website for more information." Chris Osburn.

Info from Juztapoz