Legendary photographer Boogie is set to embark on the release of his latest publication which depicts a lot of emotion with many images from a variety of locations. With all set for the release of the book, fanzine and tee which has included 10Deep, SlamxBlog’s very own Dante Ross caught up with Boogie for a small but very interesting interview. take a look at the interview and some images below and get over to Powerhouse Books on March 20 to get your copy of the book.


Boogie tell me about your new book and your upcoming projects?


My new book is a collection of street images from around the world. These images have never been compiled in any kind of book form before. It’s a limited edition book there’s only 500 copies being printed period end of story and it comes with a numbered signed print and if you buy it at the event or online from either Powerhouse books or 10Deep.

You receive the print, the fanzine (Signed by Boogie as well) a 10Deep/Boogie collabo shirt as well made of my images and put together by Scott and Bryan my friends at 10Deep. My friend George Dimitri who has an amazing eye edited the book. I can no longer edit my own materials; I need a different set of eyes at this point to be objective. George is an old friend and he did an amazing job. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Tell me about the accompanying Fanzine?

These are images that almost made the book. George Dimitiri picked the final images that made the book and these were outtakes that I really liked and that could have made the book! The Fanzine complements the book and I always liked the idea of Fanzines. It takes me back to the days of hardcore punk rock; before the days of the Internet fanzines were the way we got information about cool things. The culture of Fanzines is something that functioned like the Internet back in the good old days. Living in Belgrade in my youth this is how I learnt about stuff back then particularly hardcore punk rock stuff. I don’t think people do Fanzines anymore and I thought it would be a cool thing to make and so did Scott at 10Deep so him and Bryan put it together with the shirt to accompany the book. There are only 100 fanzines and shirts in the world, which is pretty cool. Scott, you and me you picked a bunch of images that almost made the book and then the 10Deep guys put it together. I like the way it compliments the book, they work really nicely together I like the idea of Fanzines there cool.

What’s on the horizon for Boogie in the upcoming year?

I’m publishing 3 books maybe 4 this year. This is my second book for Powerhouse my first for them this year I have another one coming with them before the end of the year which will be my 3rd book with them, I also have 2 travel books I’m doing for Upper Playground, and another book I’m doing for a Italian publisher in Milan which may move to 09.  I recently had an exhibition in Paris last week and just traveled to Mexico City for my Upper Playground book.  The new Powerhouse book (Titled simply Boogie) is very limited and will only be sold at a few stores around the world places like Collette, Dash wood in NYC and Powerhouse as well as a few others around the world. I also have been doing my commercial work for people like Nike to pay the bills and spread my work around. I shoot everyday I’m in Brooklyn, Brazil, Caracas, Mexico City where ever I am I feel the need to always shoot and document what’s around me. I draw a lot of inspiration from Brooklyn, from traveling, from my lady Nami and from the birth of my daughter Maya.

Anything else you working on you want to talk about?

Not really, putting together 3/4 books this year, launching this book this week and just shooting, shooting, shooting it’s what I do!

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