Our series with Briefing continues with the lens now focused on Lifestylist Chris Black and his Done to Death Projects. To detail the many things Chris is known for would entail its own indepth post and discussion, I’ll just say the man stays busy. With such a demanding schedule Briefing deemed Chris as one of the chosen few that embodies everything they feel the modern man stands for.


Chris Black
“My everyday commute is pretty short because it’s a walk from the Lower East side to SOHO, so it’s not super far, but I always have my computer and iPad, and I do take it back and forth every day.”

“I travel quite a lot. So function [in a bag] is big for me- you know to be able to hold everything. What is really important for me is mainly to be able to get to everything easily- and that’s what I would look for in any piece of luggage or a bag. Its smart design, so it’s not bulky, but it still holds all the stuff.”