As we continue our presentation with Briefing we turn our attention to Colin Nagy, Executive Director of The Barbarian Group. As the director of the social media / creative agency his daily travel habits puts him in global cites sometimes at a days notice. With such a demanding travel schedule his baggage becomes a critical selection daily.


Colin Nagy
“I am in dire need of a garment bag and this nicely fits the bill.”

“Work travel is typically short, quick hit domestic or international trips where I am only using a carry on.Typical ports of call are Seoul, San Francisco, Miami and London.”

“Extended travels for me are often hybrids of work and play. I’m becoming more of a minimalist in terms of packing in my old age and it is increasingly rare that I check bags. Over the past 5 years, I’d say my most frequently visited cities are Copenhagen, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Mexico City. I’ve had the good fortune to develop good relationships in each and I feel really comfortable when I’m there.”