We continue our series with Briefing by turning our attention to Creative Director and latest Head creative behind Perfecto Brand Schott NYC Greg Chapman. His personal style sensibilities, practicality, and travel habits were what led him to his choice of Briefing pieces. He gives us insight into his selections and the importance of smart design.


Greg Chapman
Gym Wire: “I use the bag everyday for yoga class. Having a good strong bag that can keep a kit and towel and holds a matt comfortably is really important.”

The T1: “[I need to have] a good strong carry on because I do a lot of short flights as well as long flights; also I take a lot of stuff I need for my work so I catch up on flights…having a bag like this is multi- functional and [I] can fit a laptop and all the other stuff I need in there – its perfect”

Travel in general: “I go to the west coast a lot and trips to Europe- I travel out to London, Italy and France which is also great, but then of course you know my favorite place to travel to is Japan- it’s so inspiring.”