We’ve admired the profile of Briefing for quite some time now. Their approach to no nonsense military inspired baggage is admirable from the Japanese label. In a effort to proper their awareness a bit they have collaborated with photographer Will Calcutt to profile a few choice individuals whom inspire the brand through their travel and creativity.

In a first in the series we take a look at NYC based stylist / photographer James Jean (The Mod Rockers) in his native environment. His Briefing piece of choice is the Gym Wire as he goes on to describe its purpose in his daily ritual.


James Jean

Gym Wire: “Every day is completely different because there’s always a different project on board- whether it’s for television, something for fashion, or something for a personal client. If I’m camped out at my local coffee shop working on a project, or writing something, or on the go picking up clothes- there’s always something happening and so it’s great to have the bag with me on those day trips.” “On off days I travel a lot on my bike- [so] it’s great to carry if I have a small styling kit for something very minuscule, and I’m also carrying my notebook – so it’s easy to carry everything at once. It’s a very ideal bag to have.”

Upcoming trip to Europe: “It’s mostly gonna be like an extended holiday. I will probably be there for 3 weeks to a month. [I will] mostly just [be] hanging out with friends and I’ll have the bag with me so you know it’s more or less just like getting a train ticket and just moving around and seeing everything.”