London’s subterranean train network was once a triumph for the nation – the first underground railway in the world and an example of progression in a post-industrial age. Over the decades, however, it has become a target of scorn, becoming dated and difficult to upgrade as other countries developed their own, more progressive, modes of subway travel. Some methods of maintenance have been in place since the 1960s, but for all the negativity, it remains a key element of many Londoners’ existence. British Remains’ collection of T-Shirts, bags, Oyster card holders and stickers capture the darker side of the regular commute and the drudgery that can instigate that repetition. Their designs are inspired by both the careful craftsmanship of Edward Johnston’s iconic work for London Underground as well as the freeform radicalism of King Mob’s 1970s actions – one institution and one defiantly anti-institution entity.

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