Following up from an impressive autumn/winter 2011 collection, French entity Brookly We Go Hard are back with another impressive installation for spring/summer 2012. BWGH lifts the veil of a wardrobe sewed by the Cornelyclassical thread, an ancient embroidery technique that requires theultimate meticulousness. Leaning on this referent technique, theParisian brand’s seamstresses propose, for this season, a wardrobemade of denim pieces and detailed patterns with ethnic inspirationfor a simple, sober, fine but yet daring. The accent has been put ondetails and in the fabric’s sourcing to elaborate the collection. Anallure that was influenced by pictures presented during the fabricationof those good outfits : this, the needles have been emerged into theblood of Amerindian history. We discover a powerfull collection thatputs BWGH off the fashion beaten tracks in order to materialize itscreative drive and to assert its identity.Here, the ones wearing thosegood cloths have the tribal chiefs’ class and volubility..