I could not help but be intruiged by the work of Bruce Bickford and who better to explain the impressive work which includes this great film Prometheus’ Garden than resident SlamxBlogger Antimc who has a first hand relationship with the director. Check out Antimc’s blog for much more.

"When I was a little kid, there was a guy that lived in my parents’ living room in a tent. I would go to school and he would be asleep, and when I came home, he would be up at a table making tiny clay figures and filling tons of pages with sketches of all kinds of weird things. Bruce Bickford had been a friend of my dads since his days with Frank Zappa, and when he needed a place to stay in Los Angeles while he worked on some new films, my father was glad to have him at our house.

One thing about Bruce’s films is that he never moves the camera. So, when you see something getting closer, you are seeing 24 different sized clay figures every second. All of the figures took up tons of space in my folks’ house. Shoebox tops filled with different heads and creatures, scenery for different shots, tons of stuff. My mother and father weren’t too psyched on me seeing Bruce’s animation, which tends toward the violent side. Men were torn to pieces by hand, creatures would do battle to the gory death. When I first saw footage from what would later become Prometheus’ Garden, his magnum opus, it was grotesque, beautiful, disturbing, and fascinating.

A few years ago, filmmaker Brett Ingram shot a documentary on Bruce, entitled Monster Road. The film includes lots of footage of his creative process and interviews, and was a film festival hit, winning the Grand Prize at Slamdance and running on the Sundance Channel.

A few weeks ago, I got an email from a friend that Prometheus’ Garden would be being screened in LA, and that Bickford would be there. I was on the road on the date, but my father and friend went to check it out and said it was amazing. The film has just been released on DVD for the first time, and is packaged with another short subject documentary on Bruce.

If you like Jodorowsky, and are also into animation, definitely check out the film."