One highlight of every season at A.P.C. along with the garments would have to be the label’s catalogues. This time round Bruce Webber shot the images while Camille Bidault Waddington styled the publication that was once again designed by M/M Paris. Titled “A Formula for Life in 3 Giant Steps” it’s a fast-course in Weber’s Life Lessons, with text written by Bruce himself.

“Working for A.P.C. was a family affair. Everyone sits around the dinner table, and no matter what you say, you end up spilling the food all over your clothes. That’s when you know it’s time to take a picture. When I worked with Mattias and Michael, we wouldn’t talk about the photographs so much—we might talk instead about a book of how to make soup that Mattias found at a shop near my home. I always have liked to look upon photographs as an experience, and sometimes this gets me in trouble. The subject of the campaign was an actor from Naples named Ciro, who reminds me of Pinnochio. When I photographed him, Ciro (Petrone) had just made a movie about the Mafia (“Gommorah”) and it was his first trip to New York City.  We all had a good time, a few laughs, and my cameras worked well—but like most dysfunctional family dinners, they’ll never invite you back again.”
—Bruce Weber, New York City, 2009






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