Buffalo | Arena Homme+ pay tribute to Ray Petri

You can google him all you like, but Ray Petri is bar none the most influential person in the history of what we covet as street culture. All stemming from the meaning behind an iconic Bob Marley song, came an interpretation that blended sportswear with fashion like never seen before. The streets for the first time were seen in fashion rather than the other way round. It’s been 25 years since the media first heralded ‘Buffalo’ and 20 years since petri passed, but what started as a thought process with a collective following became a movement which launched all what we see. Interview Magazine spoke with Arena Homme+ Editor-in-Chief Joann Furniss, about the latest issue of the magazine and it’s tribute to the stylist.

On a personal note, my own obsession with Petri is pretty much the sole reason for my intense interest in the culture we built slamxhype around, if I’m asked what this site is really about, Buffalo explains it better than anything. I choose not to highlight this through the site as an obvious reference, but those who know me, can see the way this movement has affected the way I work and also my own personal life. Ray Petri will forever live on.

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