It always interests me to see new scent makers surface because of the personal effect each and every scent has on a consumer. It easily defines a persons presence as well as embodies each individual so finding the one that fits you is essential. This is why the concept of Ben Gorham and Byredo is so unique and well refined from each scent down to the final detail of the packaging.

Swedish born, Canadian and US bred Ben Gorham is the founder and creative director of Byredo Parfums. “I have always been fascinated by the world of fragrance and its effect on my memories and impressions. Through Byredo I want to communicate my own personal experiences and simply bringing together the best of old and new.”

Founded in 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden, Byredo (from ‘by redolence’) fragrances works with well known perfumers as Olivia Giacobetti, Jerome Epinette och Michel Almairac. The fragances can all be worn by men or women and are all Eau de Parfums.

These and more are available from Tres Bien.