C.E. Founder/ Legend Toby Feltwell Talks About The Early Days of BAPE & BBC In A Sex Magazine Interview

Although Toby Feltwell may not be a name at the tip of your tongue when it comes to fashion conversation, you can be damn sure you’ve heard of, or worn,  some of the projects he’s been involved with. A fundamental player in such labels as Mo’Wax and XL Records, BAPE, Billionaire Boys Club and his own C.E, Feltwell recently sat down with Sex Magazine to talk about his moves in the industry over the years. From an early infatuation with skateboarding and hardcore music to his roles in the music industry, befriending NIGO and getting involved with the Japanese designer’s brands to founding Cav Empt, it’s an interesting read for sure – and it’s clear the culture owes a lot to this guy.

Check out an extract from the interview below, and head over here for the complete piece.

How did you end up working with Nigo?
Nigo had been asking me to go and work in Japan for a while—probably because he figured that Mo Wax was on its last legs. I wasn’t ever sure about living in Japan so I was reluctant to do it. Once I finished law school, knowing that I had to leave XL and go into this law thing eventually, I figured I would just do Japan for six months. I knew that Nigo would look after me and it was bound to be fun if nothing else.

How did you stop working for BAPE and Billionaire Boys Club?
Nigo eventually sold BAPE to our Chinese distributor. I helped him with that sale, which was not really a fun process. It wasn’t the original plan to sell when he did. As a part of that process, Nigo decided to get out of BBC too. He just wanted to have a more simple kind of life and just be friends with Pharrell and not business partners. It was quite complicated running the business between the US and Japan.