Niels Meulman’s initial recognition came as ‘Shoe’ within local and international graffiti culture. This evolved into a business for decorative lettering when he was 18. Eager to learn more, he became apprentice to Dutch graphic design master Anthon Beeke to learn the trade.

Throughout the nineties he ran his own design company Caulfield & Tensing, before joining BBDO as senior art director. In recent years he has been working under the name Unruly, a flexible creative outfit that specializes in typographic design.

Meulman’s designs and artwork are part of the permanent collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the San Francisco MOMA. Other essential works include a signature shoe design for
sports brand Umbro, logo and corporate identity for Dutch television channel Talpa and the Unruly Accessories silk scarf series.

Now it is time for Meulman to use all his fields of expertise and to go back to the essence; the art of writing, or ‘Calligraffiti’ as he calls it.  With the Calligraffiti exhibition that took place September 13th to
16th, Meulman presented an artform which combines graffiti, calligraphy, typography and graphic design.

During the entire month of August 2007 Meulman produced about 200 works. To compliment the project Shoe’s like-minded friend and renown artist Eric Haze was invited to exhibit pieces from his latest works as well.

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